What is Incense Burner?

An incense burner is an abiotic material designed to distribute the smoke of incense cones. The burner is designed in a variety of different shapes and materials to facilitate an amazing cloud-like smoke effect.

What do Incense burners do?

An incense burner is made of natural materials, designed to emit aromatic smoke of incense cones and sticks. Incense cones in particular are used for relaxation, spirituality, and other health purposes.

How long Incense Cones last?

The burning of incense varies by its form. Circular Incense cones last anywhere from 10-15 minutes. Incense sticks last from 20-25 minutes.

How to burn incense cones?

Place the incense cones on the burner. Light the incense cones and wait for 2-3 seconds. Light it in a well-ventilated area for best results. The fire will automatically blow, if it doesn't you can blow it out yourself after 30 seconds.

How does the smoke flow in the waterfall effect?

The incense circular cones are designed in such a way that the smoke flows downward. There's a small hole in the burner as well which aids the magical effect.

Is the Waterfall effect study?

Please keep in mind that the cones produce cloud-like smoke, which can easily fade away if you have excessive smoke in your room. Make sure that the room in which you light the burner is well-ventilated.

Does your Incense burner come with Incense cones?

We ship each one of our incense burners with sticks. You can buy separate cones and sticks as well.

How to burn incense sticks?

To burn incense sticks, light up the tips and wait for 2-3 seconds to let them burn. Now blow out the fire and enjoy the refreshing aroma of incense.

What are the benefits of incense cones?

Besides relaxing your mood and cleaning the atmosphere, the Burning of incense can also reduce stress, stimulate creativity, increase your focus, and aid in the sleeping process.

Is Incense smoke bad for you?

There are no credible sources as to the burning of incense cones can lead to serious problems. But According to the studies by EPA, excessive exposure to incense smoke can lead to asthma and lung inflammation.

How do I return or exchange the product?

We have 30 days return policy. Please reach out to the associate page for further queries.

Will the incense burner work with incense sticks?

Some incense burners support both circular and regular incense sticks. If you want this 2-in-1 effect, make sure to check the description before you buy it.

Can I use other Incense cones with your burners?

You can use other incense cones, as long as they fit the burner mounting area. All of our incense cones are designed to work with every listed burner at Primary Scents.

Do you Ship Internationally?

Yes, we do international shipment as well. However, the shipment rates are depended on your destination.

Who is responsible for Import and Duties?

The Import customs, taxes, fees, and duties are paid by the buyer. Please understand that all the products are shipped from the USA. If you purchase products from any other country, you will be responsible for the import charges.