There are many exquisite scents available from around the world. Still, the particular incense the incense cones produce when lit distinguishes it from all the other scents in the surroundings due to its lavishly unique aromatic fragrance. On heating, these incense cones and sticks release grey smoke, which is extremely pleasant and is used for therapy, ceremony and different practices of meditation. Incense Cones have been in the use of humans for relaxing the human mind, body and soul. It enhances our mind to focus while studying. It is used worldwide in homes and offices to create a peaceful ambience with its thick cloudy smoke.

Despite its tremendous uses in medicine, spirituality and ambience, lighting or burning of Incense cones and sticks is an easy phenomenon to get familiar with. You can initiate the process of burning the incense cone by placing it in a heat-proof container so the vessel in which the Cone is placed does not have any chance of catching fire. Start lighting the tip of the incense cone until it catches fire and flame appears on its tip. Once it is successfully lighted, an orange glow appears on its tip, and that's when you know you are all set up to enjoy the experience.

Process– Burning of an Incense Cone

Step 01 – Setting the position of the Cone

It would be best if you found a heat-proof container where you will place your incense cones. It will be of help if you consider the surrounding of the container as there should not be any flammable substance present, for instance, curtains or lamps. The cones are designed to produce a lot of smoke, so the certainty of a heat-proof container is legitimate. Extend some dry uncooked rice or sand on the bottom of the container and place the Cone on its surface so the excessive heat is safely controlled.

                                       The second thing you should remember is that the shape of the Cone has a pointy end and a wider flat end. The proper way to place it over the surface of the sand is that the flat end of the Cone must face downwards to the sand, and the pointy end should face upwards.

Step 02 – Burning of the Incense Cone

After you set up the Cone, now is the time to light a flame on the Incense cone. For that, you can use a match stick or a lighter (Avoid burning it directly from the stove, as it contains intense flame) to start lighting the tip of the incense cone for around 5 to 10 seconds until an orange flame appears on the tip of the Cone, then extinguish the fire from the Incense Cone. It will help if you ensure that the flame is ultimately out; you can either blow the fire away or use a piece of paper to ensure the flame's fanning is successfully done.

                          If the Incense Cone fails to have an orange glow after the fire is blown away. Try to light it again for a few seconds, as the tip should be glowy-blazing orange in colour to indicate the correctness of the method.

Step 03 – Enjoy the Powerful Essence of Cone

Once you complete all the above steps, you must prepare to become all cosy and creative, as these incense cones give your mind a medium to think broader. The maximum burning time of the incense cone is around 20 to 30 minutes, as it burns entirely from the pointy end down to the flat end.

Step 04 – Cleaning of Fully Extinguished Cone

Once the lit Incense Cone is wholly burned, from the tip to the base, you cannot light it again for additional use. You must start collecting the ash to clean up the burned Incense Cone. Incense cones are easy to clean up compared to the sticks, as the stick falls off tiny ash particles all around. In the case of the cones, the ash does not spread as it is thick and remains in place in the cone shape. Once the Incense Cone is fully burnt, please wait for the burner to cool down, remove the surface on which the Incense cone is placed, and toss it into the trash.

Common Issues in burning the Incense Cone

1. The flame goes out immediately after lighting

If the Incense cone loses its smouldering orange flame immediately after it has lit, then perhaps the problem is due to the blocked contact of oxygen with the incense cone. Resolve this issue by removing the container lid, if it has any, because, with the closed lid, the Incense Cone is partially packed, which could block the interaction of oxygen with the Cone.

2. Liquid Content of a brand-new Incense Cone

The newly purchased Incense cones could have more than desired oil content, and high moisture content could prevent these incense cones from catching fire. This issue is resolved by removing excessive liquid content from the tip of the cones with the help of a paper towel or tissue paper.

3. Passage of air disrupting the burning of Cone

Air disruption is one of the common problems many people face when lighting these incense cones in draughty areas. Too much of a breeze could interfere with the burning of the Cone, as the incense cone would not be able to catch fire, and even if it caught the flame, it would not sustain it. You should keep in mind to light these cones away from the open windows, as the lesser the passage of air, the better the burning of incense cones.

Warning Points for lighting the Incense Cones

Flammable things are always to be careful around; the same applies to the Incense Cones. One should keep a few measures in mind while burning an Incense Cone. A few points are mentioned below,

  • Please ensure that the surface you are placing the Incense Cone on is nonflammable or heat-resistant.
  • You should be careful with what’s near the burning Cone; there should not be any flammable stuff around, for example, curtains or lamps.
  • Please do not leave the burning Incense Cone unattended, as leaving a burning Cone unattended would invite danger.
  • Make sure to place the burning Incense Cone where your pets or children cannot reach it. 
  • Only go directly for cleaning when the Incense Cone has finished burning. And do not touch the remnants of the Cone, as these would still be very hot, and you can harm yourself. Just be careful and wait for the burnt Cone to cool down before cleaning up.


The technique or phenomenon of burning an Incense cone does not involve hard-core trickery; you need to be careful about some aspects. These Incense cones typically grab flame without any hecticness, but sometimes, due to the air breeze or the high moisture content, prevention of the burning of cones occurs. After successfully overcoming these issues, you will be able to receive a flaming orange flame on the tip of the Cone. The orange flame is an indication of displaying the achievement of burning an incense cone. These incense cones produce grey smoke, which is exceptionally lavish in aroma, and are used as a spiritual power enhancer in meditation, ceremony, and even studying to help concentrate.

FAQ – Burning of an Incense Cone

1. Can burning Incense cones be harmful in any way?

We suggest you should not light these cones in excess to minimise the chances of any harmful effects and ensure the room you are lighting the incense cones in is well-ventilated for the channelling of excess smoke out of the room. The incense smoke is cloudy and thick; a closed environment could have dangerous consequences. 

2. What reason causes the decrease in the expiry time of these incense cones?

Keeping these incense cones at places where they encounter direct sunlight could degrade the internal structure of the Incense cones. To avoid this, you should ensure that the incense cones are stored in a cool place and that there is no direct sunlight.

3. How long do these incense cones burn?

These unique incense cones usually have a longer burning than standard incense cones. The maximum burning time of the incense cone is around 20 to 30 minutes, as it burns entirely from the pointy end down to the flat end.

4. How to clean up the fully extinguished Incense cone?

Incense cones are easy to clean up compared to the sticks, as the stick falls off tiny ash particles all around. In the case of the cones, the ash does not spread as it is thick and remains in place in the cone shape. Once the Cone is wholly burnt, please wait for the burner to cool down, then take out the surface on which the Cone is placed and throw it into the trash.

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