10 Amazing Benefits of Burning Incense

Incense belongs to the category of the plant retrieved products that are being burned to release their aromatic fragrance. They are typically packed in the form of sticks, powders or even cones, and are available in almost all varieties of fragrances.

Incense isn't a very recent creation, it has been used for many centuries, and it yet has a special position while performing rituals that are associated with either any religious or spiritual activities.

Though the benefits of incense on an individual's health aren’t certain, but yet there are many other advantages of using incense in day-to-day life activities. Here, in this article, we are going to list down some of the most essential benefits of burning incense in homes or at other places:

  • Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Incense for anxiety

Several plants and herbs are well known for their special trait of reducing or alleviating the anxiety and stress level of an individual. And among all the incenses, the lavender and sandalwood fragrance is considered to be the most beneficial in curbing anxiety.

  • Enhances Sleep’ Quality

Another very significant benefit of burning incense is especially for the ones who are facing any kind of difficulty in sleeping. The effect of incense can be as powerful as sleeping pills, and it is regarded to stimulate sleep as well as combat insomnia by curtailing anxiety and the functioning of the nervous system.

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This enables the mind to relax and relish a peaceful sleep. Thus, burning incense cone/stick, especially the one containing lavender essential oil will help out in dozing off much faster.

  • Acts as a Natural Air Purifier

The most common purpose for which incense is being used is to freshen up and purify the place by annihilating all sorts of odors and bad smells. The floral elements of incense can easily cover up the undesirable smells of a household and leave behind a soothing and pleasant aroma of incense.

Also, it acts as a natural chemical-free air freshener that can even sterilize a room, if burned in an adequate proportion. Hence, incense is quite often being used for purifying the place and scattering out some incredible aromatic fragrances.


  • Augments Concentration while Meditation

incense for medication

Since time immemorial, incense has been utilized to boost up the focus and enhance the concentration level of an individual, specifically while doing meditation or some other activity that may demand a lot of concentration.

In today's stressful and busy life, this benefit of burning incense has acquired great importance, as it is extremely necessary for one to stay focused on their work or studies to perform well and provide their best results.

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Aids in Relaxing

According to various studies, certain incense helps in relishing a soothing and comforting effect on an individual's nervous system. The amazing aromatic fragrances can facilitate a quiet and relaxed atmosphere to spend some alone time away from the stressfulness and hassles of everyday occupied lives.

  • Accelerates Creativity

The aromatic fragrances that release while burning incense encourage and stimulate the mental performance and creativity levels in an individual and further, help out in bringing up new and productive ideas.

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The most common incense used for this purpose is - Frankincense, Scents of Citrus, Vetivert, Lemongrass and Geranium. The incense prepared out of these essential oils is commonly used for accelerating the mental abilities and creativity among people.

  • Acts as a Mosquito and Insect Repellent

Apart from the comforting and relaxing benefits, one of the not so popular benefits of burning incense includes driving the mosquitoes away. By burning the incense in a closed room, the aroma can act as a repellent for the mosquitoes and other insects to wonder off your boundaries. Thus, it is also known as a natural chemical-free mosquito repellent.

  • Clears out Negative Energy

Another essential benefit of burning incense comprises clearing out all sorts of negative energy before commencing any ritual, or while performing activities such as yoga and meditation.

  • Exercise Mindfulness

Burning out a quality incense stick with a deep aromatic fragrance works in the direction of expediting the senses of our body. One needs to just take out some time, light up the incense of choice, and enjoy the earthly aroma of mindfulness.

  • Withstand and Overcome the Symptoms of depression

incense for depression

Various studies tend to suggest that the essential oils that are being used in the incense have a lasting positive impact on an individual's mental health too. Such that it can even help in fighting the minor symptoms of depression.

The symptoms, like restlessness, fatigue, loss of appetite, sleeplessness at night or the feeling of sadness can be overcome to some extent by the use of incense at regular intervals.

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  • Connects to a Sense of Spirituality

The benefits of incense burners are not just confined to mental health, but also has the advantage for an individual to feel a sense of connectedness to either the religious or the spiritual world.

It is also believed across many cultures that the burning of incense enables to convey the prayers of people directly to the spirit. This is why it has often been observed that the various aromatic and fragrant incense is commonly used for religious and spiritual rituals.

Final Verdict:

These were some of the most substantial benefits of burning incense at your place. Hopefully, this list of reasons might act as an incentive for you to rejoice at the usefulness of distinct aromatic and fragrant incense.

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